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5% discount applied to most license fees paid by due date.
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Business Licenses are subject to a 5% late fee per month beginning on May 1st and accrue an additional 5% per month or partial month that the fee remains unpaid. The late fee is not included in the estimated business license fee calculated above. Discounts apply to renewals paid by April 30 of the current year and new businesses paying at time of application. Fees that are already at a reduced rate are not eligible for further discount.

There are several types of businesses that the online fee calculator is not able to calculate. These include professional practices, like physicians and attorneys, where a minimum fee is charged for each principal of the firm and rate class 8.2 through 8.10 businesses. This includes businesses such as telecommunications, insurance, amusement machines/coin operated devices, billiard or pool rooms, bingo halls, junk or scrap dealers, pawn brokers, auto and farm machinery dealers, carnivals or circuses, or bars. Please contact us at 803-329-5590 or by email to determine your license cost if you need assistance.

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